Orlando, Florida

About the lessons

“Swimming is one of the best exercises for a dog physically and psychologically calming.” Cesar Milan

1/2 hour lesson at your pool $40.00

*In Seminole County. If you live farther away please contact me about the extra travel charge. The extra charge will be waived for four or more lessons in the same neighborhood.

Length of Lesson:

  • Lessons last about ½ hour to allow your dog to get the most out of the training without over exertion.

  • I always end a lesson on a positive note so, please allow a few extra minutes if needed, especially with fearful or reluctant swimmers.

  • If your dog is a good swimmer who needs a lot of exercise, longer lessons can be arranged.

  • If your dog has health issues, such as being overweight or arthritic, the lesson may be a little shorter.

The First Lesson:

  • The first lesson will last about 45 minutes because the first 15 minutes is used to get information about your dog and your goals for your dog

  • An adult must sign a Release and Hold Harmless Agreement.


General Information:

  • healthy natural or organic bite-sized treats are provided. If your dog prefers the treats you have, I’m happy to use yours.

  • If you want your dog to be comfortable wearing a pet life jacket, I can provide several styles & sizes to try before you buy.

  • You and your friends and family are welcome to observe or participate. You can sit back and relax or join in the fun. I can teach your dog to swim with confidence without you having to get into the pool or I can help you enjoy swimming with your dog.

  • Gretchen is trained in Pet cpr & first aid

 What People Are Saying:

"Gretchen is kind and patient. Before lessons my dog was nervous and apprehensive about swimming. After only a few lessons my dog was able to swim confidently without a life jacket. Thanks Gretchen!"

​Emily C.

"Gretchen is obviously highly skilled at teaching canines to swim. She was very friendly and professional. My brother's Golden Retriever puppy learned how to swim and find the safe entry and exit stairs. My Toy Poodle got exposure to water, which was a good thing. Thank you!"

Jennifer W.

"Before Gretchen worked with my dog he wouldn't think of swimming. Now he will enter and swim with me. If he were to accidently fall in the pool he knows how to swim to the nearest exit. Thank you Gretchen."

Sean R.

"Lots of fun, plus I now know both of my dogs can swim if they need to. One dog learned not to gulp pool water and to keep her head up when swimming. My other dog learned that the pool is not so scary."

Erica R.

"Gretchen was very kind with my dog. My Doberman was able to get into the water. Since my lesson, we practice each day and each day she looks forward to her practice."

Bonnie W.

"Lucky was afraid of the water and now he swims like a fish. Not afraid to get into the pool at all. Gretchen was very patient and sweet."

Patricia K.

"Dawg Swim really works! Our dog, Molly, slunk around the edges of the pool deck in terror. After one month of Gretchen's classes, Molly took herself in for a swim to cool-off on a hot day. She got in and out safely using the stairs and laid down for a nap."

Janet B.

"Gretchen was patient with my Great Dane and was able to get him into the water. He was very afraid to go past the first step into the pool before Gretchen worked with him. With her help, he is no longer afraid to get in the pool and is actually swimming. She achieved success and he now enjoys getting into the pool."

Stephanie D.

"My Standard Poodle, Gatsby, needed some non-impact exercise for his hip arthritis. Gretchen got him paddling around the pool in no time! He really enjoys his swimming and is doing great for a 12 year old!"

Sharon N.

"My dog has learned how to swim to the safe area in order to climb out of the pool. Very happy with the results. Thank you."

Russell K.