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Pet CPR & First Aid Class:

"The CPR/First Aid class was extremely informative and fun! As a vet tech I can confirm that the information Gretchen teaches is very important. She is a fantastic instructor! I recommend this class to every pet owner."

Adriana C.

"I really enjoyed class. It was a lot of fun and very informative. I definitely learned a lot and feel very satisfied with the course."

Meilin V.

"I knew about 20% of what I learned today and I deal with A LOT of dogs. That means I learned a whole lot! I HIGHLY recommend this course. Thank you Gretchen for such a great class!"

Francia V.

"The BEST pet aid/CPR class my staff and I have ever attended! We are extremely pleased!"

Kari F.

"The class was so thorough and informative. Worth every penny! I feel so much better knowing I now have skills to help or save a life. Anyone who owns a pet or is involved in a pet business should take this class. Thanks Gretchen!"

Crystal R.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to train our staff. We can now go about our days with confidence that we can provide the best care for our clients."

Erica M.

"The class was well worth the investment of time and money. Gretchen delivered the information in a timely and effective manner. I will be recommending this course."

Suzy S.

"I didn't realize how little I knew about how to help my pets in an emergency. I feel confident and prepared for the first time. Great experience!"

Ernest W.

"Excellent overview of first aid for pets. Take this course and know what to do in an emergency."

Gail B.

"The class was very informative and gives me confidence as a pet sitter if I am ever in an emergency situation."
Laurie J.

"Gretchen did a great job explaining the techniques needed to perform pet CPR & 1st aid. The hands on experience helped my understanding."

Carrie S.

"Gretchen, Loved your way of teaching. Common sense, humor and a delightful personality. Thank you so much!"

Karren S.

"I learned so much from the Pet CPR & First Aid class. Now I feel much better prepared if I ever have to use these tools. I would definitely recommend Gretchen to other people who are looking to be certified."

Lee R.

"Gretchen is a great teacher. She covers the information thoroughly in a way that is easy to follow. This course should be taken by all pet owners."

Janet B.

"Gretchen hosts an entertaining and knowledgeable course. I feel better knowing I can better care for animals."

Kevin S.

"Not only was Gretchen extremely experienced and knowledgeable, she was also enthusiastic and dedicated to the overall learning experience of her students."

Joseph W.

"I had the good fortune of taking Gretchen's Pet Tech training course. An extremely valuable experience owing to the wealth of clearly presented useful information and the number of opportunities for hands-on practice. I have attended numerous courses over my life and can attest that this course ranks very high on the list of the most rewarding ones. This is certainly due to my belief that it will enable me to be helpful to my dog, perhaps critically so, it is also due to the very accessible and interesting way Gretchen delivered the material and training. She is obviously concerned about the welfare of animals and dedicated to providing training on their care. This seriousness of purpose is blended with a relaxed self-assurance and good humor stemming from the earned confidence of someone with significant knowledge and professional experience. This makes for a very engaging classroom experience which I highly recommend to anybody who wants to further his or her capacity to help an animal in need."

Paul P., Doggy Dad of Molly

"Thank you for the awesome class. We thoroughly enjoyed the class!"

Ronnie S., Orlando Bully Rescue

"I really enjoyed the pet CPR course. I learned so much about caring for my dogs. The course teaches preventative as well as emergency measures. Gretchen led an extremely professional, well organized and thorough class. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves their pets!"

Sharon N.

"What a great class! What a great instructor! I guarantee attending this class will be worth your while. Thank you Gretchen."

Marilyn K.

"The information was invaluable and informative. Gretchen showed a genuine passion. I highly recommend this class to any and all who have pets. What a wonderful concept."

Darlene P.

"This is a very informative and potentially lifesaving class for your treasured animals. If you have a pet and want to be fully responsible for it, you should definitely take this class. If you don't and your pet gets into trouble, you'll really wish you had! Gretchen knows her stuff and is a great instructor."

Michael S.


"My Great Dane learned to swim and get out of the pool if she fell in. Highly recommend Gretchen."

Melanie V.

"Gretchen is kind and patient. Before lessons my dog was nervous and apprehensive about swimming. After only a few lessons my dog was a able to swim confidently without a life jacket. Thanks Gretchen!" 

​Emily C.

"Gretchen is obviously highly skilled at teaching canines to swim. She was very friendly and professional. My brother's Golden Retriever puppy learned to swim and find the safe entry and exit stairs. My Toy Poodle got exposure to water, which was a good thing. Thank you!"

Jennifer W. 

"Before Gretchen worked with my dog he wouldn't think of swimming. Now he will enter and swim with me. If he were to accidently fall in the pool he knows how to swim to the nearest exit. Thank you Gretchen."

Sean R.

"Lots of fun, plus I now know both of my dogs can swim if they need to. One dog learned to not gulp the pool water and to keep her head up when swimming. My other dog learned that the pool is not so scary."

Erica R.

"Gretchen was very kind with my dog. My Doberman was able to get into the water. Since my lesson, we practice each day and each day she looks forward to her practice."

Bonnie W.

"Lucky was afraid of the water and now he swims like a fish. Not afraid to get into the pool at all. Gretchen was very patient and sweet."

Patricia K.

"Dawg Swim really works! Our dog, Molly, slunk around the edges of the pool deck in terror. After one month of Gretchen's classes, Molly took herself in for a swim to cool-off on a hot day. She got in and out safely using the stairs and laid down for a nap."

Janet B.

“Gretchen was patient with my Great Dane and was able to get him into the water. He was very afraid to go past the first step into the pool before Gretchen worked with him. With her help, he is no longer afraid to get in the pool and is actually swimming. She achieved success and he now enjoys getting into the pool.”

Stephanie D.

“My Standard Poodle Gatsby needed some non-impact exercise for his hip arthritis. Gretchen got him paddling around the pool in no time! He really enjoys his swim and is doing great for a 12 year old!"

Sharon N.

“My dog has learned how to swim to the safe area in order to climb out of the pool. Very happy with the results. Thank you."

Russell K.

"While visiting Orlando I watched Gretchen and her dogs swim. It was amazing to see! She taught her three dogs to enter and exit the pool safely and use floatation devices. All three dogs wait on the step of the pool, eagerly watching for the signal to swim. When asked, her dogs willingly and happily swim, one at time or all together. When the pool fun and exercise is over, they fall into a deep peaceful sleep. I was very impressed with Gretchen’s training techniques. Dogs adore her. She is patient, kind and understands the needs of each dog perfectly. It was an honor to watch her work and see the dog’s happy faces during each session. I have a Corgi and live surrounded by lakes, rivers and ditches so, I know that Corgi’s are not natural swimmers. Gretchen has taught hers, not only to swim, but, to really enjoy it. When I come to Orlando with my dogs I will definitely use her services. I highly recommend dog swimming lessons by Gretchen.”

Edna K.

“Gretchen has the compassion and caring for both her animals and clients that is the best. I have watched her interact with equines and canines. The most important thing in her life is that the animals have a safe environment, their feed and supplements be of quality and their emotional safety be taken care of. Her methods of training and care is rarely found.”

John W., Certified John Lyons Trainer

“Gretchen is an outstanding communicator with animals and people. I decided to use her services because of her knowledge about animals. I was impressed with how consistent Gretchen’s training is."

Dyan B.

“Gretchen really cares, and her love for animals shines through. Gretchen, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. I feel blessed to have met you. With love and thanks.”

Lori W.